Church St. Enoteca

22 07 2009

After a busy morning in the market, my mum and I were in the mood for something light, something savory and something sweet. After a short discussion, we ended up at Church St. Enoteca, a charming Italian restaurant with an ‘open kitchen’ and huge vintage posters hanging in the main dining area.

For a starter we shared a warm slow cooked octopus salad with chorizo, kipflers and a lemon, caper dressing.

Not one for sharing desserts, I once again, succumbed to my cheesecake fetish and had the Briliat – Savarin cheesecake, with coconut and mango, passionfruit gel, lime and fromage frais sorbetto. The presentation of this dish was very aesthetically pleasing, with each element of the dessert placed thoughtfully on the plate. However, as far as the cheesecake went, I felt that far too much blue cheese had been used. As opposed to tasting all the other elements involved, my mouth was rudely bombarded with the strong blue.

My mum on the other hand had a white chocolate, hazlenut and banana pudding with the most amazingly gooey liduid centre that would make any pudding lover squeal with delight!

Overall a nice meal, but nothing to run home about.

Church St. Enoteca
527 Church St
Vic 3121





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